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On these pages you will find all of our resources for sale. They're practical and born out of our everyday business of introducing people to the message of Jesus, helping them to grow in their understanding of how to follow him with their whole lives, and challenging them to go out and do the same with others.

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Mind the Gap (Workbook)

Mind the Gap (Workbook)
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Mind the Gap (Full Pack)Mind the Gap (Full Pack)
Mind the Gap (Supplement Pack)Mind the Gap (Supplement Pack)

Mind the Gap is a six-workshop course designed to help you and your church or group shape an effective evangelism plan together. It helps you start from wherever you are. It assumes that you want evangelism to have a central place and to move from doing evangelism to becoming evangelistic in everything you are. It is tremendously practical.

Mind the Gap’s DVDs contain all you need to run the six workshops. Use it within your home group, cell, leadership team, or with your whole congregation.

The visually stimulating DVD content is interspersed with questions to discuss which come on the two DVDs enclosed with the pack. The 90-minute workshops are thought-provoking and practical, and will inspire excellence as you develop your plans about how to reach those in your area with the gospel.
Everyone needs a member’s workbook to join in, discuss and learn. Leaders are catered for with a full guide on the DVD-ROM, ready to print.

“Although we were committed to personal evangelism as a church, what we lacked was a church strategy that we all knew about and were all committed to. Mind the Gap gave us a chance to think through as a church what that strategy would be.” Rev Chris Hobbs

“Mind the Gap helped me identify three or four of the people I come into regular contact with that I could pray for, and invite to things. It changed the way I saw my community.” Joyce C

“We have now got a framework – a thread of evangelism running through the fabric of church life.” The Revd Peter Tizzard

“It’s so easy to get embroiled in all manner of things in church life that are secondary, but this seems to focus on the priorities.” David Hill

Introducing the six workshops:

1. The Big Picture
Understanding where we are and shaping our plan

Five video segments to stimulate the discussion:

  • The challenge of the gap
  • Confidence in the message & connecting effectively with people
  • Critical steps in a journey towards faith
  • Joined-up planning in our churches and groups
  • Every Christian’s part in helping to mind the gap. 

2. But I’m just an ordinary Christian
Discovering how everyone can have an influence     

Five video segments to stimulate the discussion:

  • God works through ordinary Christians
  • The journey of learning to speak up
  • Our opportunity to influence the people around us
  • Encouraging spiritual curiosity
  • The priority of an up-to-date experience of God’s love and forgiveness. 

Supplementary Pages


Supplementary Pages

3. Great expectations
Running attractive, relevant events and courses

Four video segments to stimulate the discussion:

  • Different sorts of events
  • Creating the right atmosphere
  • Starting where they are when explaining God’s message
  • Event planning – making the Gospel the central issue 

4. Will anyone turn up?
Inviting people in the best way to the right event

Four video segments to stimulate the discussion:

  • Inviting personally
  • How well do we have to know people?
  • Addressing our fears in inviting
  • Essential ‘How tos’ in inviting
  • How the Holy Spirit leads the way in inviting

Supplementary Pages


Supplementary Pages

5. I don’t have all the answers
Discussing faith without putting them off

Five video segments to stimulate the discussion:

  • The importance of listening
  • Recognising different ways of explaining the Gospel
  • The value of discussion groups for seekers and sceptics
  • Taking a genuine interest in people
  • Helping seekers cross the spiritual line in the sand

6. Who will we leave out?
Reaching beyond the church fringe

Four video segments to stimulate the discussion:

  • Reaching those with no contact with the church or a Christian
  • How to work together and involve others in reaching out further
  • Simple steps to help you reach your whole community
  • The benefit of repeating wide-sowing initiatives

Supplementary Pages


Supplementary Pages