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On these pages you will find all of our resources for sale. They're practical and born out of our everyday business of introducing people to the message of Jesus, helping them to grow in their understanding of how to follow him with their whole lives, and challenging them to go out and do the same with others.

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Resource Description
Connect is a six session series designed to introduce the central themes of the Christian faith by letting the Bible speak for itself. Written for those who want to find out more about Christianity as well as for Christians who want to strengthen the foundations of their faith, Connect works best in a small group, but can also be used one-on-one.

The six one hour sessions make use of Bible passages to explore:
1. What is God like? – a son comes home
2. Why does God matter? – the creator, judge and rescuer
3. A broken relationship – the lethal problem of sin
4. God’s rescue plan – the day that changed the world
5. Weighing it all up – forgiveness, sacrifice and trust
6. A choice to make – starting a new life

Resource Details
Six high quality colour coded cards plus leader’s guide in presentation pack, 22.5x22.5cm. Sold individually or as a pack of 5.
Also available as a free PDF download.

Ministry Use
Connect is used as a follow-up course for non-believers who have expressed an interest in finding out more about God and would last roughly six weeks.