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On these pages you will find all of our resources for sale or free download. They’re practical and born out of our everyday experiences of helping people to discover Jesus together throughout the whole of life.  Wherever you are at, you’ll be introduced to Jesus’ message, encouraged in your faith, and inspired to help others do the same.

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Five in Focus

Five in Focus
Price:  £2.50

Product Code:  GBF99



Resource Description
This prayer card allows you to write down five people that are not Christians that you want to regularly pray for. It fits neatly into most Bibles providing you with a frequent reminder to pray for those on your card. As well as space to write the names of those you’re praying for, the card also includes a number of Biblical references to help you to pray.

Resource Details
Card, 21x7.5cm. Sold in packs of 25.
Also available as a free PDF download.