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On these pages you will find all of our resources for sale. They're practical and born out of our everyday business of introducing people to the message of Jesus, helping them to grow in their understanding of how to follow him with their whole lives, and challenging them to go out and do the same with others.

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Knowing God Personally

Knowing God Personally£6.00

This short booklet outlines the basic principles of what it means to be a Christian by entering into a personal relationship with God.
(Pack of 25)

Soularium: A Dialogue in Pictures

Soularium: A Dialogue in Pictures£6.50

Soularium provides 50 original photographic images and five simple questions – allowing you to enter and explore the lives of people around you.

Perspective Cards

Perspective Cards£6.50

Perspective is an evangelism tool used for initiating spiritual conversations and meaningful dialogue on the person of Christ.

The Biscuit Trail

The Biscuit Trail£6.00

A set of colourful cards that provoke discussion about the steps involved in helping a colleague begin to follow Jesus.



Connect is a six session series designed to introduce the central themes of the Christian faith by letting the Bible speak for itself.

Five in Focus

Five in Focus£2.50

This prayer card allows you to write down five people that are not Christians that you want to regularly pray for.
(Pack of 25)

The Case of the Empty Tomb

The Case of the Empty Tomb£2.50

This sharply written and wittily illustrated booklet persuasively presents the historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus.
(Pack of 5)

Living and Telling

Living and Telling£35.00

Living and Telling is a down to earth practical course in sharing your faith naturally with those you rub shoulders with day by day.

Living and Telling Manual

Living and Telling Manual£3.50

The manual for the Living and Telling Course guides the participant through the course.

Mind the Gap (Full Pack)

Mind the Gap (Full Pack)£30.00

Mind the Gap is a tool you can use in small groups or with your church to help you shape an effective evangelism plan.

Mind the Gap (Supplement Pack)

Mind the Gap (Supplement Pack)£6.00

This pack contains an additional DVD for those who already have the full pack.

Mind the Gap (Workbook)

Mind the Gap (Workbook)£1.20

Mind the Gap is a tool you can use in small groups or with your church to help you shape an effective evangelism plan. The members' workbook will enable the user to take a full part in running through the six sessions of Mind the Gap.